Thursday, August 24, 2006

entering a new life

Lama sgt aku tak nulis, dan tempoh tu jugaklah aku tak balik kg. really miss my family, but i have to sacrifice, since i dun have enough money to go back to hometown and oso quite busy with my life here. @ days left before i leave Kepong, say farewell to my collegues, my lecturers.. i will miss mr choong and miss michelle. i know im the blue eye for them. Mr choong called me as 'adik', nobody ever called me like that. Miss michelle oso always wish me luck for my future undertakings. She always convince me that im the best, she never feel hesitate with my abilities, she said i have the strenghts, just be confident..rase terharu setiap kali die memberikan pujian, she knows me very well, how can i underestimate myself...lepas ni aku akan tggalkan kepong, and enter a new life at kuala kubu bharu, this saturday i will bring all my things to my new rental more tengok wayang, no more jalan2 kat klcc, mydin, the mall, mid valley,, hu hu im gonna miss my life here...because almost every week i do window shop, or sight seeing.. still dont know what my my life will gonna be,,this saturday i will register there and start work this monday.. i hope i can do my best, gain more experience, im entering a new the best!

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